Signature & Handwriting Forensics Pty Ltd is no longer accepting cases for examination. This is due to Bryan’s appointment to the position of Chief Forensic Scientist with Victoria Police.
This website is maintained for information purposes only.
Signature & Handwriting Forensics provides expert scientific advice to forensic practitioners and members of the legal fraternity in Australia and overseas.

Dr Bryan Found, the Director of Signature & Handwriting Forensics, is an international leader in the field of forensic signature and handwriting comparison and identification and is regularly invited to deliver specialist seminars and workshops to forensic practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe.

He has provided expert evidence to the Family, Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts of Victoria since commencing his career in 1987. Dr Found has been authorised in all aspects of Forensic Document Examination, is the former head of a police document examination section and is currently a Senior Research Fellow and head of the Forensic Expertise Profiling Laboratory, Handwriting Analysis and Research Laboratory, School of Human Biosciences at La Trobe University in Victoria.

Dr Found is available for casework consultation to companies, government departments and members of the legal community.

This site contains information that will assist in determining whether your handwriting problem is suitable for forensic analysis and will guide you through the best approach to prepare your case for examination.